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Temporary and Inclusive Urban Solutions

The Queer City

Tuesday 23 May, 11am, room B2.0.1, building B2, Campus Bovisa

Within the framework of the elective course for the Master's Degree in Temporary and Inclusive Urban Solutions - The Queer City, an open discussion will take place on Tuesday, May 23 at 11:00 am in classroom B2.0.1. The discussion will involve prominent LGBT+ associations active in the Milan area, focusing on the topic of the queer city.

Eight associations working on LGBT+ rights will be guests at the roundtable discussion: Arcigay, Agedo, Famiglie Arcobaleno, Ala Milano, GayMinOut, Pride Sport Milano, Poliedro.

The Temporary and Inclusive Urban Solutions course focuses on the design of temporary solutions for an inclusive city, in close collaboration with local realities. This year, the theme is The Queer City, specifically exploring the relationship between queerness and public space. The goal is to define, through participatory design, how the city of Milan can become more queer, inclusive, welcoming, and appealing to everyone.

Students will work in teams to design temporary solutions such as services, spaces, toolkits, performances, urban installations, awareness campaigns, and more, in selected areas across the 9 Municipalities of the Municipality of Milan. This activity will be part of the program for the Participation Forum organized by the Department for Participation and Civil Services of the Municipality of Milan and will coincide with the opening of Pride week.