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Tomorrow living

5-12 June, c/o MEET Digital Culture Center, Viale Vittorio Veneto, 2, Milan.

For the upcoming Salone del Mobile, MEET presents Tomorrow Living - a project co-created with Huawei, curated by Robert Thieman of Frame.
The exhibition will present a 4-chapter docuseries featuring interviews with thirty of the world's most influential designers, architects, artists and scientists who have expressed their visions of a future in which the most advanced digital technology will be ubiquitous and fluidly embedded in our everyday lives. A technology that will help our everyday life by allowing our habitat to be more human by responding to our practical, emotional needs of community and sustainability.

To complete the project, the immersive site-specific installation The global home by Space Popular will be presented for the duration of the Salone.

Project directed by Huawei Milan Aesthetic Research Center.
Research conducted by Robert Thiemann - Frame.
Educational partner: @polimi