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Situated Vocabularies - re-framing participation with fragile communities

07-12 june, ore 10 am - 6 am, OFF CAMPUS Nolo, Mercato Comunale di Viale Monza 54

"Situated Vocabularies - re-framing participation with fragile communities" is the title of a hybrid event (exhibition + workshop activity) highlighting the “Vocabolario di Quartiere (Neighbourhood Vocabulary)”, a Participatory Design research project of the Politecnico di Milano developed within OFF CAMPUS Nolo located inside the Municipal Market of Viale Monza in the Nolo neighbourhood. “Vocabolario di Quartiere (Neighbourhood Vocabulary)” aims at co-creating a collection of shared meanings; by promoting conversations on the needs and potentials of Nolo; the project explores possible new situated design actions triggered and imagined by the community itself, with a specific focus on those marginalised voices of fragile communities (such as migrants, the elderly, women, children) that too often risk remaining unheard in participatory design processes.

The Vocabulary comprises nine keywords: Space, Degradation, Common good, Sense of belonging, Memory, Change, Fun, Commitment, and Nolo. Starting from the experience of Nolo, the event will be an excellent opportunity to reflect on the work done so far, experience the process of community-making with the protagonists, and think about new frontiers to be opened in different contexts. On the one hand, the event will present the entire process by showing the work done on the first four vocabularies/podcasts (on the keywords Space, Degradation, Common Good, Sense of belonging) and the action scenarios they envisage; on the other hand, it will be scaled up and experimented for the first time on San Siro, involving a fragile group of women with a migration background.