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Gold ADI Culture Award

MaDe – Designer Materials

On Wednesday, June 15, the ADI 2022 Awards, organised by ADI-FAD, were awarded. Attained under the Barcelona Design Week, these prizes form the main awards in the field of industrial and product design in Spain.
We are happy to announce that MaDe has received the Gold ADI Culture Award which recognise projects that value design culture.

MaDe is a project co-financed by the EU's Creative Europe Programme that drives young talent towards circular economies. MaDe is a training platform, an award and an activity program that highlight the positive impact designers have on the alternative creative industry. Material designers can redesign, reform, reuse and redefine materials by giving them a completely new purpose. They can investigate, advise, educate and disseminate materials from the immediate, near and distant future, implementing positive social, economic, political and environmental change on all sectors.

Project: MaDe – Designer Materials
Responsible: Laura Clèries, Valentina Rognoli & Seetal Solanki
Entities: Elisava Research / Politecnico di Milano - Dipartimento di Design / Ma-tt-er
Category: Research and Experiment Projects