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Accelerating AI adoption for government

AI4Gov Open Event

10-11 May, 2024, Campus Bovisa, via Durando, 10, Milan

“Accelerating AI adoption for Government”, the AI4Gov open event held at Campus Bovisa Durando in the presence of Anna Ascani, Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies, has come to an end.

The event was part of the Master on Artificial Intelligence for public services (AI4Gov) implemented by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and the Politecnico di Milano, in collaboration with the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität and the Tallinn University of Technology, within the framework of the AI4Gov Project co-funded by the European Commission under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).

During the first three editions of the AI4Gov Master, over 120 pioneer participants, from more than 50 different countries from the EU and beyond, have been trained. Participants are executives from different government, industry and civil society organisations, as well as officials from European institutions and International Organisations worldwide.

The event, which marked the end of the co-funded project, presented the results and lessons learned with a view to the further development of the AI4Gov ecosystem built around the Master's degree and the creation and consolidation of the AI4Gov Knowledge Hub.

Speakers at the event included:

Francesca Campolongo, Director for Digital Transformation and Data, Joint Research Centre, European Commission
Rony Medaglia, Professor at Copenhagen Business School, Department of Digitalization
Pierre Rossel, President, Inspiring Futures and AI4Gov Advisory Board Member
Prateek Sibal, Programme Specialist, Digital Policies and Transformation, Communication and Information Sector, UNESCO
Gerhard Hammerschmid, Professor of Public Management at the Hertie School in Berlin
Sabrina Bandera, Head of the Research Innovation and Strategy Division of the Scuola Nazionale dell’Amministrazione (SNA), Presidency of the Council of Ministers
Tamara Srzentić, Minister Public Administration, Digital Transformation and Media, Montenegro (2020-2022)
Giulia Pastorella, Member of the Italian Parliament and Councillor of the Municipality of Milan
Nestor Maslej, AI Index Research Manager, Stanford Institute for Human-Centred AI

AI4Gov is a global ecosystem for AI and data spaces professionals in and around the public sector. It includes a world-class international master’s degree program on AI for public services and a knowledge hub to help the transformation of public services towards a human-centric approach supported by AI and data.

For the Department of Design, scientific coordination is led by professor Francesca Rizzo, in collaboration with professor Alessandro Deserti, associate professor Marzia Mortati, post doc fellow Martina Sciannamè and researcher Ilaria Mariani.