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Career Days

Oct. 13 and 20, Nov. 16-17-18, Durando Campus, Politecnico di Milano

We propose three events curated by the Career Service aimed at students and graduates of Politecnico di Milano.
See the Career Service calendar with additional initiatives available.

Career Day International

On Thursday, Oct. 13, the Career Service invites students to participate in Career Day International, an online event that will take place throughout the day, from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and will provide a global overview of the job market. An opportunity to get oriented and understand what profiles are most sought after abroad.

Following are some of the proposed activities:
* Get in touch with international realities that are not often present in the University.
* Actively search for an internship/job across borders, in the company booths you will find open positions and announcements of internships abroad
* Learn about the structures of the International Graduate Programs.
* Learn about the most common types of contracts abroad and how to apply for international positions
* Learn more about the language and soft skills required to work in another country.

During Career Day International, students will be able to:
* Visit the virtual booths of all the companies present in a free way and ask questions to the company contact persons.
* Attend the many company presentation webinars.
* Chat privately (1:1) with managers, with opportunities for video interviews
* Apply for open positions.
* Attend orientation webinars on finding internships abroad and finding work outside Italy held by Career Service
* Visit the Career Service booth to consult useful resources for searching for opportunities abroad

To register for the event, visit dedicated page.
Program of the event.


The job market for designers: panel discussion with companies

On Thursday, Oct. 20, the event "The job market for designers: roundtable with companies" will be held as part of the Career Service Award program, where possible career paths related to the industry will be presented.

During the event, technical referees in the field of Design will talk in a 10-minute opening speech about their experience and role in the company.

Listening to their testimonies you can learn:
* The professional roles one can play in the industry such as Product Designer, Fashion Designer, Interior Designer, Graphic & Communication Designer, Digital Web Designer, Marketing Specialist, Product Developer, UX/UI Designer etc.
* The projects that are developed on a daily basis.
* The digital and sustainability-related innovations.
* The career opportunities in the different sectors.
* The skills required (hard and soft)

At the end of the talk by the technical referees there will be a moment dedicated to doubts/questions.

More information:
The event will be in English language and accessible in online mode. Participation in the event is exclusively for students and graduates of the Milan Polytechnic.
To participate register on the event page. The Career Service will subsequently send confirmation via e-mail.


PMI Career Day

From Wednesday, November 16 to Friday, November 18, the Carlo De Carli Lecture Hall will host the Career Day PMI event, an exclusive event dedicated to growth paths and job opportunities in Small and Medium Enterprises: as many as 102 companies will take part over the three days, providing many open positions to which students can apply.

How does the event work?
To register to meet with one or more companies, visit event page
Select the companies of interest **by October 24
: Career Service will forward the student's CV to the selected companies.
The company will then screen the CVs and select only those candidates they would like to meet for interviews. By November 14, the company will contact the selected students to offer the opportunity for an interview directly on campus.
The company will decide whether the interview is conducted in English or Italian depending on the profile and the open position.

Why to participate?
* To get in touch with Italian SMEs of your interest.
* To take initial interviews with company managers.
* To test yourself and enter the job market.

Once the maximum number of registrants for each company (90 people) is exceeded, it will no longer be possible to register.