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Important recognition for the project promoted by Polisocial

Ambrogino d'Oro to Off Campus

The OFF CAMPUS project of the Politecnico di Milano will be among the recipients of the 2022 edition of the Ambrogino d'Oro, the civic honour awarded each year by the City of Milan on 7 December, St. Ambrose's Day. The project is among the recipients of a Attestato di Civica Benemerenza.

OFF CAMPUS | Il Cantiere per le Periferie is an initiative promoted by Polisocial, the Politecnico di Milano's social commitment and responsibility programme, with the aim of strengthening the Politecnico's presence in the city of Milan. The initiative currently has three active spaces: in the San Siro district (inaugurated in April 2019), in the NoLo district (September 2020) and inside the San Vittore prison (October 2022), a fourth will be opened shortly inside the Cascina Nosedo.

The Off Campuses are places where Politecnico lecturers, researchers and students develop innovative teaching, responsible research and co-design activities capable of having a positive impact on the community, thus promoting the idea of a university that is more responsible, attentive to social challenges, open and close to territories and communities.