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Power unbalance, intersectional dominant-logic in new technologies evolution

Fighting Discriminations

24.01.2023 / 09.02.2023 / 05.04.2023, from 5 to 7 pm, Polifactory, Building B3, Campus Bovisa Durando, via Candiani 72, Milan

The Department of Design and Polifactory are pleased to invite you to a seminar series titled "Fighting Discriminations - Power unbalance, intersectional dominant-logic in new technologies evolution" a cycle of three public lectures that provides theoretical and conceptual tools (from law, design, and sociology) to prevent and challenge dysfunctional situations, stimulating the development of proposals aimed at not harming categories usually at risk of fragility because of age, disability, gender, religion, ethinicity in the development of new technologies.

Today it has become clear that the designing and engineering of technological solutions always entail social and public consequences. To deal with them imply a critical and transdisciplinary mindset - trained through practice - that looks across products, services and policies. Such a mindset could be nurtured by familiarizing with the reflection coming from humanities and social science, in particular regarding media, post-colonial and gender studies.

Lecture #1 - Sustainability and Decolonisation
24.01.23, from 17.00 to 19.00

A postcolonial look at in/equalities and sustainable development: offline and online challenges and opportunities
By Barbara Giovanna Bello - Phd In Law And Society, Information Society Law Center, University Of Milan
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Lecture #2 - Diversity and Social inclusion
09.02.23, from 17.00 to 19.00

Tackling oppression by embracing transgression
By Chiara Del Gaudio - Phd In Design, School Of Industrial Design, Carleton University
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Lecture #3 - Intersectionality and New Technologies
05.04.23, from 17.00 to 19.00

Inclusion/exclusion in and through digital media: an intersectional perspective
By Arianna Mainardi - Phd In Social Research, Department Of Sociology And Social Research, Università Degli Studi Di Milano Bicocca
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For more info: fiammetta.costa@polimi.It