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May 19th-20th

Decolonising Futures in Design Education

Join us for a 3-day event for design futures literacies educators, researchers and practitioners. Each day we have a lecture and panel of renowned experts connecting design futures literacies with aspects of decolonising design. These are followed by training capsules on resources developed in FUEL4DESIGN and tutoring introducing futures methodologies and knowledge into your educational practice.

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This event is part of FUEL4DESIGN (Future Education and Literacy for Designers) which aims at developing knowledge, resources and methods to help young designers designing for complex tomorrows.

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18th May: Language and Futures. Keynote: Frederick van Amstel​. Panel: Martin Avila, Ariel Guersenzvaig, Henry Mainsah, Monika Parrinder, Rahul Patel.

19th May: Philosophy and Futures. Keynote: Janine Francois​. Panel:James Auger, Laura Benítez, Annabel Crowley, Bruce Snaddon, Ron Wakkary.

20th May: Making and Futures. Keynote: Laura Forlano​. Panel: Saúl Baeza, Mark Ingham, Sergio Urueña, Tomás Vivanco, Elizabeth Wright.

Each day from 15h-18:30h CEST time, via Zoom:

Keynotes and discussions

Open to the general public (recommended to Postgraduate and PhD students, faculty members, designers, educators, etc.) and invited participants by Fuel4Design partners.

15:00 Welcome

15:05 FUEL4Design training capsule

15:20 Keynote

15:50 Q&A

16:00 Discussion panel

16:45 Break

Training capsules and in-depth tutoring

For design researchers and educators. If not invited by any of the Fuel4Design partners, a motivation letter is required, including information about the courses or teaching activities that you are doing in relation to futures. Email subject: "F4D Decolonising Futures in Design Education”; to be sent to

17:00 FUEL4Design training capsule

17:15 Tutoring by experts in 2 channels

18:00 Final reflection and closure