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LAB.I.R.INT - Laboratory of Innovation and Research on Interiors - deals with inhabited spaces as part of the broader anthropological question of inhabiting the world, through a dialogue on an international level between didactic experimentation, research-action and design laboratory.

The research activity is based on the study of the socio-cultural phenomenology of contemporary places, adopting a sense/time_based dimension of analysis which leads to:

  • enhancement of the sensoriality and perceived quality of places, through an inclusive approach, which emphasises the valorisation of diversity-design for diversity-experienced in the context of alzheimer's, elderly, etc.;
  • exploration of the relationship between time and space design (including analogue and digital) leading to the study of 'adaptive' strategies and new ways of using places.

Future research scenarios focus on:

  • the enhancement of the sensoriality and perceived quality of places which, in scientific, strategic and methodological terms, recognises the different types of fragility and marginalisation, as an integrated value to the design of places. The theme is understood in a broad dimension, including intergenerational dynamics, oriented towards evaluating a reversal of perspective (and its impact on the urban scale) in which diversity is considered a design stimulus for innovation rather than a stigma.
  • the exploration of the relationship between time and space design that emerges in the research and design of new interior spaces, in which the qualities of time redesign the spaces of living, in a continuous transition between micro and multi-scalar, global and local observation. An approach in keeping with the rhythms and sensitivities of a sharing economy which, in addition to responding to the needs of contemporary man, re-introduces a perspective of respect for the environment and a wider history.

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