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Activities and Services

Polifactory proposes and participates to research and consultancy activities with enterprises and institutions at many scales (e.g.: regional, national and international). It operates as coordinator/partner in technological and scientific projects dedicate to competitive and pre-competitive development.
It works as provider for public and private subjects interested in its spaces, technologies or research competences.

Competitive Research

Polifactory develops research projects at local, national and international level. It collaborates both with public (e.g.: municipalities, regional governments) and privates institutions (e.g.: big companies, SMEs Networks and artisans). Polifactory realizes scientific studies and inquiries (e.g.: surveys) on different aspects related to the relationship between new models of production, based on different situation and contexts. Polifactory offers services of applied research for enterprises in the fields of design, digital fabrication technologies (within craftmanship or industrial processes) and new models of distribution.


Polifactory offers consultancy services related to:
Strategic consultancy on how to start and develop a makerspaces/fablab or other similar facilities, on local or regional scale.
Consultancy for enterprises to develop platform related to personal/digital fabrication or to create digital services connected to new production/fabrication processes.
Technical and design consultancy for enterprises and professionals on digital fabrication within R&D, prototyping and fabrication processes.
Didactical and experimental activity
Polifactory organizes activities to explore new scenarios for different sectors of manufacturing and services, tackling various challenges related to the integration of design, manufacturing and innovative technologies. As part of that, activities encompass planning and organization of hackatons/workshops, scenario building, engagement through open call and support to concepts development and prototyping.

Ideas and Talents pre-incubation

In order to support young talents in improving their autonomous learning paths, Polifactory offers various coaching activities. Since makerspaces are, by definition, spaces that stimulate social and collaborative learning (in a peer-to-peer approach), Polifactory believes and follows this philosophy by offering various coaching services that helps single individuals and whole group for the development of strategic, design, technical and technological competences, as well as self-entrepreneurship.

Cultural initiatives and events

Polifactory organizes different kinds of cultural initiatives: seminars, lectures, workshop, meetings and exhibitions. Beside offering its spaces Polifactory can, in relation to its main topics, support the engagement of interesting subjects.


Polifactory is equipped with analog/digital machines and tools that follow the standards of a Fab Lab. Continuously following the technological innovations, with the possibility to explore the use and application of new tools in the design and digital manufacturing processes, Polifactory works for the continuous upgrade of your equipment.
To complete its training, research and consulting offer, Polifactory is connected to the Design Lab System of Design Department of the Milan Polytechnic.

  • Laser cutter
  • Vinil cutter
  • Big CNC Milling Machine
  • SRM20 Milling Machine
  • Small CNC Milling Machine
  • Delta 4070 FDM – Industrial 4.0
  • Delta 2040 FDM
  • Power Wasp FDM + CNC + LDM
  • Dremel FDM Idea Builder
  • Makerbot FDM Replicator 2X
  • FormLabs Form2 – SLA
  • Sinterit Lisa Pro – SLS
  • 3D Scanner
  • Microcontrollers and microcomputers
  • Physical Computing Area
  • Workbench

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