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Manuela Celi

Manuela Celi has started her research activity with the PhD focalizing on the different forms of knowledge related to design, their use and translation into skills within the learning systems. She considers the Metadesign perspective to provide a comprehensive approach to design knowledge, learning how to learn and developing metacognitive skills. Associate professor at the Polytechnic, Manuela, has deepened her inquiry on design processes, particularly advanced design processes. At the same time, following her more theoretical attitude, she has pursued transdisciplinary research investigating the relationship between design and the humanities and social sciences (Humanities and Design Lab). In this mood also grew her interest in producing semi-finished or intermediate products of the design process with high cultural content - such as trends and scenarios - and the study of the relationship between design and anticipation over the last ten years. Intending to build a fruitful relationship between research and educational activities, she conveys innovative content in didactic contributions and launches experimental activities for students associated with basic research.
Holding the Associate professor position at the Design Department of the Politecnico di Milano, she teaches Industrial design, Metadesign and Design Futures at the Design School. Her most recent research activities focus on Design and Future Studies & Anticipation. She is a member of the board of the Anticipation Conference which she has been promoting since its foundation in 2015. She has coordinated the FARB basic research project TREND_hub deepening the use of trends in design practice. She has been Polimi PI in the FUEL4Design: an Erasmus plus project conducted by leading universities and experts in Europe that aims at developing knowledge, resources and methods to help young professionals design for complex tomorrows. Recently Manuela has been appointed Rector's Delegate for Talent Development and Internationalization area. She has published on several international Journal such as Futures, the Dsegin Journal, Journal of Critical Cultural Studies, The Journal of Design Strategies, DIID, and The Design Managment Journal.

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