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Ambra Borin

PhD candidate in Design at Politecnico di Milano. Her PhD research investigates the concept of proximity applied to urban and remote contexts through the crystallization of short-term actions towards long-term change. Master Degree in Interior and Spatial Design (2018) at Politecnico di Milano with a thesis called “Oltre il Vuoto”, after a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design (2015) at La Sapienza University in Rome.
She has been research collaborator at Polimi DESIS Lab, since 2018, participating on research projects in the field of Spatial Design and Service Design for educational public spaces at different levels as local primary and secondary schools, on research projects that aim to investigate the involvement of the community and its place of belonging, involving associations, neighborhoods and activate processes of co-design from a bottom-up perspective. She is part of coordination team of Off Campus Nolo – is situated into the Public Market of viale Monza spaces of Nolo neighbourhood –, an initiative promoted by Polisocial with the aim of strengthening the presence of Politecnico di Milano inside the city of Milan, following the principle of ​​a university that is more responsible, open, aware of social challenges and closer to the community.
She collaborates in miniFARB project from Design Department of Politecnico di Milano, titled Mnemosphere aims to investigate the different ways in which the identity and memory of places are designed and communicated through experiential spaces capable of stimulating emotions. Also, she collaborates as a teaching assistant with the School of Design, and ASP Programm of Politecnico di Milano and Universidad de Navarra in Pamplona.

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