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Peng Lu

Peng Lu is currently a PhD in Design student at POLIMI with a focus on Automotive User Experience Design. For this PhD research, his focus is to explore Automative UX design Strategies to bridge meaningful human-car emotional relationships given the trends of autonomous and connected vehicle.

Before this PhD research, Peng has obtained MSc degrees in “Product-Service System Design” and “Management Engineering” from PoliMi in 2021, which is a double degree program for merging business and service design knowledge. Before that, he earned a BEng degree in Architecture from China in 2018.

Peng has built wide research interests including User Experience Design, Service Ecosystem Design, Servitization, and the linking of Design and Social Science topics. Before the PhD, he has published two conference papers in the topic of design for socio-technical transition and service design for servitization respectively. He also participated in a projected supported by Tsinghua University (Beijing) to build the 2020 Service Design Blue Book Report (in Chinese).

Peng is fascinated about learning new knowledge, and he has achieved at least 12 Coursera certificates for courses or specialisations, and joined several MOOC courses without issuing certificates, which covering the field from Python coding to Circular Economy. He has also participated some events related to sustainability such as Youth4SDG Asia Leadership Program 2018.