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Flora Gaetani

In 2011, I received my PhD degree in Industrial Design and Multimedia Communication at Politecnico di Milano (XXII cycle).

Since 2005 I have been collaborating with the School of Design, and since 2011 I have been teaching subjects related to representation (Drawing Studio, Digital Representation Studio, among others) at the BSc in Product Design. Since the same year, I have coordinated the communication activities of the Specializing Master Course in Transportation & Automobile Design, run by, which will reach its 14th edition in 2022.

From 2017 to 2019, I collaborated with the Department of Design as an external consultant for research activities related to the FARB program "Dal Segno alla Forma". Since December 2019, I have been a research fellow in areas related to representation for Transportation Design. I am working on the BASE-5G project (POR FESR 2014-2020), "Smart vehicles and mobility. Designing scenarios for smart vehicles in future mobility."

Currently, I am responsible for XR_CODESTO, a MiniFARB project that aims to explore and test the possibilities of using eXtended Reality (XR) tools in collaborative design sessions during the design process.

Research projects