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Ming Yan

Ming Yan is a designer and Ph.D. student in Design in Politecnico di Milano, Italy.
Her core field of research is product and interaction design, focusing on theories of HMI in autonomous vehicles and the nature of design processes, particularly as they pertain to product innovation and creativity. In this area, her Ph.D. research topic is User acceptance implications of HMI in autonomous vehicles on the role of interaction design within AVs.
Since 2013, her attention has concentrated on the opportunities that smarts and interactive artifacts offer for creating an engaging user experience. Specific research topics she has addressed in this field are Aesthetics of Interaction, Product's Multi-Sensory Language, Tangible Interaction, and Design for Behaviour Change. She has published widely on these topics in both Chinese and English.

Her educational background:
1. Undergraduate—Industrial Design\, School of Mechanical Engineering\, Shandong University\, China;
2. Master—Interaction Design\, School of Art and Media\, Tongji University\, China;
3. Ph.D—Design student at Politecnico di Milano\, Italy

Her research achievements:
1. In June 2018\, she went to the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom to participate in the "2018 Tongji-Cambridge" International Exchange Academic Conference.
2. In June 2019\, as the first author\, she published the article "Driving Learning Assistance System Based on Vehicle Human-Computer Interaction Technology" in Ergonomics
3. In September 2019\, she went to Tai'an to participate in the "4th Taishan International Disabled Persons Forum and the 2nd Taishan International Health Forum". Research" keynote speech.
4. In July 2020\, she won a scholarship from China Scholarship Council and Politecnico di Milano\, Italy