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This Lab is dedicated to design, execution and experimentation in the field of interior design, understood as domestic, commercial, exhibition, work and transport spaces. Building full-scale spaces and prototyping furniture and installation fittings, always addressed with a pragmatic approach of experimental verification, are the hallmarks of the Laboratory way of working. methods. The space, equipment and know-how of the Installations Lab staff are aimed at providing support and experimental teaching, at designing and implementing structures and systems for exhibitions and events, and at experimenting and using new materials in the field of furniture and interior design.

Equipment and workstations

The Installations Lab provides the necessary equipment to build full-scale spaces, prototype furniture and installation elements:

  • Large area equipped with workstations, including professor and video projection stations
  • Space for full-scale reconstructions (10x10x7 m)
  • Overhead crane for lifting up to 2.5 T
  • Hand tools, power tools and woodworking machinery (disk and belt sanders, belt saws, drill press)
  • Three-axis numerical control milling machine
  • Laser machines for cutting and marking small and large formats
  • Blade cutting machines

Teaching and business services

Teaching support for students and professors
Supporting researchers, research fellows and PhD students in experimental research projects 
Consulting activities for companies and external parties
* Design, construction supervision and setting up of installations for exhibitions, events and
* Design and creation of interior and exterior furniture elements
* Workshops and specialised courses (interior modelling, installations and wood design)

Remote services

The Installations Lab offers students of the School and researchers and professors of the
Department the possibility to make appointments with a specialised technician for a personal

Access the lab

Access to the Laboratory is subject to passing the Safety Course for Access to the Department
of Design's Laboratories available in the Online Services in the Data/Safety Courses section.

Machine video tutorials
[Overview of security videos]


Telephone: +39.02.2399.7149
Contact Person: Mariano Chernicoff
Specialised technicians: Mattia Favalli, Fabio Manfredini, Livio Riceputi, Camillo Sangiorgio

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