Governing Bodies

Department Head

The Head of Department legally represents the Department in all its activities. He coordinates, with the support of the Deputy Head, the activities of the governing and supporting bodies, which define the strategies and manage the operations of the Department.

Department Board

The Department Board is the deliberative body which makes all the decisions regarding the life and activities of the Department. It includes all professors and researchers and the elected representatives of the technical-administrative staff, research fellows and PhD students.


The Departmental Council instructs the decisions of the Board. It addresses emerging issues through the work of analyzing data, problems and opportunities, develops operational proposals and implements initiatives and actions, mainly through the work done by the Delegates appointed by the Director and their support groups, which involve a significant number of faculty and researchers in the Department. Members of the Council are the Head, the Deputy Head, the Managing Director, six Delegates and three elected members representing professors, researchers and technical-administrative staff.

Supporting Bodies


The Department is divided up into thematic Divisions, which are functional to the development of its research project, to which belong the faculty and researchers who identify with the thematic and/or disciplinary lines of research developed in it. In particular, the Divisions develop strategies for the development and coordination of research lines and express proposals and priorities related to staff recruitment.

The Divisions of the Department and their Coordinators are:

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee develops the Department's scientific project, instructs the development plan, and coordinates cross-divisions research lines and activities involving multiple Departments. Members of the Scientific Committee are the the Head, the Coordinator of the Doctoral Programme in Design, the Dean of the School of Design, the Coordinators and the elected representatives of the Divisions.

The Scientific Committee members are:

Laboratory Coordination

Laboratory Coordination oversees, directs and manages the laboratory system that supports the School of Design's teaching and research activities of the Department. It comprises the Head, the Department Manager, the Laboratories Manager, the Design Labs Unit Manager, a representative of the Laboratory Technicians, two Professors and the Safety Manager.

The Laboratory Coordination Team are:

Administrative services

Department Manager

The Department Manager supports the governing bodies of the Department by coordinating the staff of the administrative and technical structure and supports the Head of Department in the management of resources in order to achieve the Department's objectives.

Staff Services

The Staff Services Unit provides information and operational support to the Head, the Department Manager and the governing bodies, and supports the management of Professors and technical/administrative staff.

Communication Office

The Communications Office supports the Department's staff in communicating teaching and research activities, organising internal events and preparing promotional material for the Department and its initiatives.

Safety Office

The Safety unit coordinates the management of Safety through the operational supervision of all processes falling within the Department's remit in the field of occupational health and safety.

General Services and ICT

The General and Logistic Services - ICT unit oversees the management of general and logistical services through the control of departmental spaces, offers logistical support, and is responsible for the management of departmental ICT services.

Administration and Accounting

The Administration and Accounting unit oversees the operational management of procurement and payment orders, acts as the departmental contact point for the University's Mission Service and contributes to the management of expenditure budgets, the technical preparation of budgets and the keeping of accounting records.

Research Support

The Research Support unit provides support services for research, the administrative management of lifelong learning, and the accounting management of aspects related to staff contract procedures. The office oversees the administrative and accounting management of research contracts and projects and the management of research collaborations.

Teaching Support

The Teaching Support unit contributes to the management of teaching support services and the educational programme, and is responsible for the management of PhDs through coordination with the Doctoral School. It supports and makes arrangements for Visiting Professors.

Design Labs

The Laboratory System unit contributes to managing the activities and needs of the Design Laboratories in order to provide support to the Programmes’ teaching activities and to enable the provision of services and advice to companies, associations and professional organisations.

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