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Considerato il DL 105 del 07/2021 e il Decreto Direttoriale del 31/08/2021 in merito alle procedure di contenimento del virus Covid-19 è obbligatorio rispettare i limiti di capienza di ciascun spazio dipartimentale.

  • Lab Moda 1: max 10 persone
  • Lab Moda 2: max 15 persone
  • Lab Moda 3: max 7 persone
  • Lab Moda 4: max 6 persone
  • Lab Moda knit 1: max 12 persone
  • Lab Moda knit 2: max 20 persone
  • Lab Moda gioiello: max 20 persone

This is the newest Design Lab and consists of several spaces dedicated to knitwear and tailoring. The Lab is fully equipped with a selection of industrial sewing machines of different functions and types, mannequins, tables for drawing, cutting and fabric handling, manual and electronic knitting machines, linking and embroidery machines. Through the experience of the technicians and the contribution of the professors, the equipment and tools available allow students to work with fabrics, yarns, leathers and innovative materials, and to experiment with different processing and pattern-making practices.  The Fashion Lab is an important creative hotbed where future designers learn to master craft and industrial techniques giving substance to their creativity, while companies find valuable help for their research and experimentation.

Equipment and workstations

The Fashion Lab provides the necessary equipment to make tailoring and knitting products:


  • Workstations, basic patterns and related cloth patterns, mannequins, ironing equipment, button attachment presses
  • Standard linear machines and overlock machines (1 needle - 2 needles), thermo-adhesive press
  • Heavy duty machines, zig zag machines, three step zig zag, chain, ram, collaring, edging, reverse cylindrical (top and bottom cover), button hole/eyelet maker, embroidery machine


  • Workstations, mannequins, ironing equipment
  • Manual straight-line knitting machines, bobbin winders, linking machines
  • Shima Seiki electronic machines and related programming software
  • Laser machines for cutting and marking small and large formats
  • Blade cutting machines

Teaching and business services

  • Design and creation of architectural and urban planning models
  • Design and creation of models and prototypes
  • Design, consultancy and execution of works of art, sculptures and art installations
  • Product development consultancy
  • Workshops and specialised courses

Remote services

The Prototype Lab offers students of the School and researchers and professors of the Department the opportunity to make appointments with a specialised technician for a personalised consultation:

Access the lab

Access to the Laboratory is subject to passing the Safety Course for Access to the Department of Design's Laboratories available in the Online Services in the Data/Safety Courses section.

Video tutorial

Macchina roccatrice

Macchina rimagliatrice

Macchina rettilinea da maglieria

Macchina tagliacuci

Macchina lineare da cucire

Macchina Zig -Zag

Macchina 3 Step Zig -Zag

Macchina Collaretta

Macchina con bordatore

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