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The Image Lab is a facility dedicated to supporting teaching and research activities in the fields of design, production and management of communicative products in audio-visual and photographic formats. The Image Lab follows a project approach that involves the use of cross-cutting and multi-disciplinary skills, whether strategic, linguistic or technical. It offers complete solutions for communication in traditional and digital media, taking care of the project in all its phases, from concept to pre-production, from production to post-production, from editing to compositing.  The Laboratory is equipped with large spaces, featuring modular and configurable studios, covering a total of about 1000 square metres. The working areas are fully equipped with professional photographic and audio-video shooting and lighting kits. Thanks to the complete modularity of the spaces, both large and small working groups can be accommodated.

Equipment and workstations

The Image Lab provides the necessary equipment for the production and post-production of audio-video and photographic projects:

  • Camera set with large continuous background and motorised overhead lighting
  • Editing and graphics stations
  • Modular working spaces, up to 12 sets working simultaneously
  • Photo and video shooting equipment: 4k camcorders, full frame cameras, Zeiss, Nikon, Canon, medium format and analogue view camera lenses
  • Flash (Elinchrom), halogen, fluorescent and LED lighting
  • Mobile bridge for azimuth filming, height 5 m from the floor

Teaching and business services

  • Creative and Art Direction
  • Visual StoryTelling
  • Audiovisual production for exhibitions, digital channels, mobile devices
  • Photo production for events, industrial reportage, portraits and corporate images
  • Enhancement of documents and cultural heritage with digitisation and archiving services
  • Workshops (from concept to production) and specialised courses (shooting, editing and composition)

Remote services

The Image Lab offers students of the School and researchers and professors of the Department the possibility of making appointments with a specialised technician for a personal consultation:

To book lab services use the AFFLUENCES app.

Access the lab

Access to the Laboratory is subject to passing the Safety Course for Access to the Department of Design's Laboratories available in the Online Services in the Data/Safety Courses section.