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Da Volterra 73 alla Fattoria di Celle

The origins, vocations, and environmental-landscape perspectives of contemporary art

On October 27th in Volterra and on October 28th in Prato/Celle, with live streaming on YouTube.

On October 27 and 28 will take place the conference "Da Volterra 73 alla Fattoria di Celle", conceived by Anna Mazzanti, researcher and Associate Professor of Contemporary Art History at the Design Department, and Manuela Crescentini Crispolti, who has chaired The Crispolti Contemporary Art Archive Association since 2019.

The conference celebrates the 50th anniversary of Volterra 73, an event organized by Enrico Crispolti and Mino Trafeli to promote the participation of the city in the cultural and economic development of its territory, as well as the 40th anniversary of the opening to the public of the Environmental Art Collection established by Giuliano Gori at Fattoria di Celle, in Santomato di Pistoia in 1970.

During the two days dedicated to the conference, first in Volterra then in Prato, Environmental Art as "social" art will be discussed, considering it from a critical historical point of view projected onto current events through operational proposals.

The first day will illustrate the case of Volterra 73, which was one of the precursor public events of modern Environmental Art in the key of public commissioning, and the second day will be about the opening to the public of the Environmental Art Collection, the world's first private collection of site-specific art that, by offering visits always free of charge, comes to play a quasi-public function.
With reference to these two models, the conference will feature speakers of various generations and attitudes, the screening of historical documents, moments of debate open to interdisciplinary participation and the collection of new documents, all with the aim of identifying implementation paths that can harmonize the relationship between public and private patronage.

The conference on October 28, at centro Pecci, will be streamed live on YouTube.

Full program is attached.