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RAWGraphs 2.0.1 public release

A project for an open source platform

November 9, 2023

RAWGraphs 2.0.1 introduces new features, the improvement of existing charts and the addition of a new chart type designed specifically for creative coders and data visualization enthusiasts.

RAWGraphs is an open source project developed by the DensityDesign Research Lab at Politecnico di Milano, in collaboration with Calibro and Inmagik. Its main goal is to simplify the visual representation and reading of complex data.

On the RAWGraphs website you can find a list of all the new features and details of the latest updates.

DensityDesign Lab is a research group working on data and information visualization. Its goal is to identify and investigate design challenges arising in the visual communication of social and cultural phenomena. Developing solutions for applied case studies, the lab investigates the role of data and algorithms in academic, social and business contexts.