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The second season of the Light Art web series

From March 2 to April 27, 2024, online, LucesLightArt Youtube Channel

LUCES, the first webserie dedicated to Light Art, released today the first episode of the second season, created and coordinated by the Light Art curator Gisella Gellini and the director Cecilia Brianza, and produced by students from the Light Art and Design course at the School of Design of the Politecnico di Milano.

The series offers an in-depth look at Light Art artists Aether & Hemera, Antonio Barrese, Nicola Boccini, Arthur Duff, Chiara Dynys, Maria Cristiana Fioretti, Johannes Pfeiffer, Marco Nereo Rotelli, and Donatella Schilirò, who opened the doors of their studios to allow students to document their meetings and interviews, creating nine episodes each lasting 10-15 minutes.

As Cecilia Brianza explains:

«In the documentaries, the students were able to visualize the artists' poetic and bring out further themes to reflect on, such as the relationship between art and science, immigration, the preservation of our planet».

The episodes of the LUCES documentary series will be published on the YouTube channel every Saturday starting from today.


Episode 1 - March 2

Aether & Hemera - Illuminating Connections
a documentary by Beatrice D'Antonio and Federica Milianti

Episode 2 - March 9

Antonio Barrese - Research at the Edge of the Unknown
a documentary by Pietro Bolazzi and Sofia Leoni

Episode 3 - March 16

Nicola Boccini - The Ceramic Man
a documentary by Irene Baldi and Carlo Morgan Capobianco

Episode 4 - March 23

Arthur Duff - The Total Effect
a documentary by Giuliana Pasqualicchio and Marco Peroni

Episode 5 - March 30

Chiara Dynys - Beyond the Light
a documentary by Giuliana Calandra and Giorgia Pedrina

Episode 6 - April 6

Maria Cristiana Fioretti - A Bright Azure
a documentary by Elena Fatone and Lorenzo Sardella

Episode 7 - April 13

Johannes Pfeiffer - Balance between Light and Matter
a documentary by Alessia Napolitano and Nicolás Raigoso

Episode 8 - April 20

Marco Nereo Rotelli - Verses of Light
a documentary by Sara Esposito, Sudipta Sagar Kalita, and Giulio Villani

Episode 9 - April 27

Donatella Schilirò - Sculptures of Light
a documentary by David Atalla Aly and Claudia Rosales Fernández