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Tribute to Giovanni Chiaramonte

A lecture-meeting around the author's legacy of vision and visual culture

22 April, from 3.30 pm to 6 pm, Room B2.2.8, Via Giuseppe Candiani 72, Milan

On Monday April 22, 2024 a meeting dedicated to the figure of Giovanni Chiaramonte (1948 - 2023) will be held, in order to provide an overview of this important author by placing him within the world of contemporary photography. A way of trying to understand the scope of a language that has never before been so rapidly transformed, to the point of risking the loss of its very uses and functions. Between images, editorial projects, exhibitions and didactics an opportunity is offered to redefine the possibility of this language in all its symbolic value, a tool for research and the construction of human identity in space and time.

Various personalities from the contexts of design, philosophy, research, study and practice in the field of images and photography will take part in the lecture-meeting, with a series of interventions that will provide some significant traits of the experience generated by meetings, dialogues, themes and collaborations around the legacy of vision and visual culture traced by the Author.

In the context of the lecture-meeting,** from 12 April to 30 May, the exhibition space Biblioteca Bovisa Candiani, building B1, floor 1, **"Ex-LibrisKm.0", a selection of Giovanni Chiaramonte's books and publications from the University's bibliographic collection and from private collections, will be presented.

The event is organised by Professor Piero Pozzi, course: PHOTOGRAPHY: PERCEPTION AND GRAMMATICS OF THE IMAGE, in collaboration with Federico Alberto Brunetti PhD., assistant lecturer ANTHROPOLOGY OF COMMUNICATION (Prof. Derrick Claude Frederic De Kerckhove).

For further information please consult the attached flyer.