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Design Thinking Training Workshop

The potentialities of Design Thinking for GovTech

23 April 2024, 5 - 7.30 pm CEST, Zoom platform online event

GovTech focuses on using technology to innovate and improve public services, enhance citizen engagement, and address challenges within the public sector.
The workshop will delve into the fundamentals of Human-Centred Design and showcase the GovTech Reusable Portfolio, as a valuable resource for creating more desirable GovTech solutions and garnering support from relevant stakeholders. The workshop starts with a masterclass, followed by a hands-on session that will engage participants in the exploration of tools for researching, ideating, prototyping, and testing with end-users.

About GovTech

GovTech Connect is a project of the European Commission’s DG Connect carried out by a consortium formed by Intellera, The Lisbon Council, Politecnico di Milano, and PUBLIC. The Polimi team involves Francesca Rizzo, Marzia Mortati, Ilaria Mariani and Giulia D'Aleo.

The workshop is the last session of the Design Thinking Training Series. It is implemented within the context of the GovTech Connect pilot project “Fostering digitisation of public sector and green transition in Europe through the use of an innovative European GovTech platform” for the European Commission.

To participate, it is necessary to register on Eventbrite.

The link to the online room will be shared to the registered participants before the event.