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Fili invisibili. Tracciando storie dentro San Vittore

Off Campus San Vittore explores the relationship between prison and city

May 9-11-12, Casa Circondariale Francesco di Cataldo (Carcere di San Vittore), Piazza Filangieri 2, Milan

The event is organized by the “Laboratorio carcere” research group of the Politecnico di Milano (Department of Design and Department of Architecture and Urban Studies), in collaboration with the Legal Desk of Università Bocconi, active at Off Campus San Vittore.

This exhibition (open to the public upon registration) displays the results of StoryLab, a workshop of participatory storytelling that explores the imaginaries of people detained in the “Giovani Adulti / Young Adults” section. A collection of fragments of personal stories, in the form of images and words, highlights the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Italian Constitution, inviting the visitor to take a new look at the theme of detention, shifting of our thinking as citizens from the polarity ‘us and them’ to ‘us’.

Date and time:
May 9-11-12 with registration, two daily slot, 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm / 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Booking instructions:
You need to fill in this pre-registration form in all its parts. You will receive an email confirming your reservation or eventual inclusion on the waiting list. In case of successful booking, you will need to send a scan of the original identity document you intend to present at the time of the visit to by 22 April. Each round of visits is reserved for 25 people; each guest must fill in a form with their details.

Access instructions:
You must present yourself at the entrance 10 minutes before the confirmed time slot, equipped with the valid identity document used at the time of booking (it will not be possible to enter after the confirmed time slot). It is forbidden to bring any electronic devices into the Institute: mobile phones, earphones, audio players, Ipads, PCs, cameras, etc. Such devices should, preferably, be left outside in the care of visitors. Alternatively, they will be left in custody at the entrance and returned on the way out.