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Off Campus opens in Cascina Nosedo!

Cascina Nosedo, Via San Dionigi 78/80, Milan

The project Off Campus. Il cantiere per le periferie, promoted by Polisocial, a Social Responsibility program of Politecnico di Milano, inaugurates a fourth space inside Cascina Nosedo. The cascina environment is now transformed into a center of expertise for the territory, where faculty, researchers and students of the Politecnico di Milano can develop innovative teaching, responsible research and co-design activities, supporting local residents and realities to realize new projects for the territory.

Off Campus Cascina Nosedo sees the participation of Politecnico di Milano faculty members - Anna Barbara, Alessandro Biamonti, Barbara Camocini (Design); Matteo Clementi, Antonio Longo, Giancarlo Paganin, Gabriele Pasqui, Alessandro Rogora (DAStU); Paola Caputo (ABC); Giulia Bartezzaghi, Federico Caniato, Paola Garrone (DIG); Barbara Del Curto, Luca Magagnin, Selena Sironi (CMIC) - and of Diana Giudici and Alessandro Giacomel of PiĆ¹lento, a spin off of the Politecnico di Milano.

The Off Campus Cascina Nosedo project is curated by the Politecnico di Milano, with the collaboration of the City of Milan.