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Curated by Prof. Manuela Celi and Prof. Marita Canina

Design Futures Seminars

3/03/23, 6/03/23, 10/03/23, Campus Bovisa, via Candiani 72

To launch the brand new course in Design Futures, a series of seminars and curated lessons has been organized to decipher the uncertainty and complexity of the contemporary context.
Leading personalities from academic, institutional and professional worlds discuss their point of view on the design role in steering futures.

The seminars will question how to read the potential and critical issues related to technological, digital and Artificial Intelligence development, reasoning on the long-term impacts and implications. The series aims to reposition the design activities in a value framework where ethics, responsibility, sustainability and inclusiveness in a broad sense represent the pillars of the new “designing.”

Seminars curated by Prof. Manuela Celi and Prof. Marita Canina

Tutors: Ammer Harb and Tatiana Efremenko
Course: Integrated Product Design Master Degree, School of Design, Politecnico di Milano


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