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LeNSlab is a research lab coordinated by Carlo Vezzoli and active within the Design Department of Politecnico di Milano University for more than 20 years, working on public and private research, consultancies and educational activities focused on Design and system Innovation for Sustainability (DIS).

Today LeNSlab is internationally regarded as one of the main research hubs in design for sustainability. Attestation of this is the promotion and coordination of the Learning Network on Sustainability, a network of more than 150 design universities, organised in 25 regional networks on all continents, which aims to disseminate design for sustainability in research and education, with and open access and mulripolar.

The LeNSlab has established a high international reputation with the continuous participation in international research through public funding (European Community and United Nations Environmental Programme) and by offering consultancy to private companies and other types of organizations since 1999.

LeNSLab team is composed of professors and researchers from the Design Department of Politenico di Milano, coming from the product, fashion, interior, communication and product-service system design areas.

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