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Elena Aversa

Elena is a communication designer and a PhD student in Design. She is also the PhD students’ representative in Design.

She holds a MSc in Communication Design with a thesis on the circulation of information disorders on Facebook and a BSc in Architecture, also from Politecnico di Milano.

Part of the DensityDesign Lab, she is involved in projects tackling the visual exploration and communication of social and cultural phenomena.

Her research lies at the intersection of information design, media studies -specifically on information disorders circulating on social media platforms- and social sciences. She explores the role of information visualisation in supporting the circulation of information disorders on social media platforms during social issues. The focus is on COVID-19 and the Russo-Ukrainian conflict.
The research encourages reflection on the relationship between information visualisations and society and the consequent effects by defining and classifying the different tactics in disseminating manipulated information.
The aim is to provide information designers with guidelines, tools and methodologies to diagnose such problems and mitigate the side effects on society during periods of crisis.

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