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Longevity Society Economy Future

Tuesday 3rd October, 2023, Palazzo Mezzanotte, Floor -1, Piazza degli Affari, Milan

AGEVITY is the first national platform dedicated to the exchange between Institutions, Enterprises, Third Sector and Citizens to develop a common vision on the #longevityeconomy in Italy, promoting and valorising innovations, projects, products and services to guarantee longevity to the societies of today and tomorrow.

Flagship project of the Silver Economy Network, the first Italian network with a potential pool of more than 150,000 companies - dedicated to companies developing innovative solutions and services for longennials, set up with the aim of fostering the development of alliances and joint projects between companies, and promoting the supply chain at national and international level.

D\Tank, the think tank of the Department of Design, is taking part in AGEVITY. Speakers Anna Barbara, Alessandro Biamonti and Venere Ferraro will take part at 15:30 in a meeting on "Outcomes of the Digital Care Research" to find out more about the future of longevity and a growing Italy. For security reasons, registration at this link is required to participate in the event.