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Italian and sustainability

XXIII Italian Language Week in the World

From 16 to 22 October, 2023, Universidade Federal do Paraná, Curitiba, Brasile

The XXIII Settimana della Lingua Italiana nel Mondo is dedicated to the theme "L'italiano e la sostenibilità". The event aims to promote in the world, through the Italian language, the culture of sustainability and the image of Italy at the forefront on environmental issues.

The chosen theme is in continuity both with the previous edition of the event – dedicated to the younger generations – and with the EXPO 2030 Rome candidacy, as well as with the celebrations for the centenary of the birth of Italo Calvino, an author with a visionary ecological thinking.

The schedule of events will also include a lecture, via YouTube, on Design, Fashion and Sustainability given by Professor Giovanni Maria Conti. The lecture will focus on the state of sustainability in Italy with particular emphasis on the interdisciplinary perspective involving the processes of production, distribution and consumption of garments. In fact, while there is now a greater awareness of the critical relationships that exist between design strategies and modes of production, energy use, environmental impact, nature and labour policies, there is still the question of whether sustainable fashion design is really an assimilated and practiced habit.

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