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Tecnologie Civiche Digitali per le Comunità Fisiche e Virtuali

Milano Digital Week 2023

Saturday, October 7, 2023, ISPI, Via Clerici 5, Milan

In its sixth edition, Milano Digital Week offers a discussion on topics that are now supported and driven by digital technology, intertwining fields such as education and teaching, the need for natural biodiversity and human skills, arts and cultures, social and civil rights, and the new meanings of scarcity and abundance.

Among the events of Italy's largest digital-focused event, the talk "Tecnologie Civiche Digitali per le Comunità Fisiche e Virtuali" will feature the participation of Davide Fassi, Associate Professor at Politecnico di Milano and Scientific Director of Off Campus Nolo. Fassi will engage in a dialogue with other speakers about the potential of digital reality in relation to the physical world.

During the talk, FirstLife will be introduced, the first social network platform created to develop digital maps. This innovative platform aims to promote active citizenship by enhancing connections, coordination, and monitoring of community actions, following a slow and ethical approach to technology usage.

The event is part of "Progettare la città" one of the seven thematic hubs of Milano Digital Week 2023 dedicated to ideas, visions, and projects shared with the entire city and its communities.