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AAA/Humanizing Energy

Progetti e lessici per la transizione energetica

October 24, 2023, 5:30 pm, Room B2.2.8, Campus Bovisa, Via Candiani 72, Milan

The book "AAA/Humanizing Energy" is the first outcome of interdisciplinary research on energy transition in urban areas funded under the ENEA Italia in Classe A campaign. It was coordinated by the Department of Energy Efficiency at ENEA, in collaboration with the Department of Design, the Department of Culture of the Project at Iuav University of Venice, and the Department of Cultural and Environmental Heritage (Social Psychology Research Group) at the University of Milan.

The research aimed to explore best practices, design strategies, and guidelines to promote energy sustainability in the context of urban and social regeneration. This was achieved through interdisciplinary actions involving design and social sciences, capable of raising awareness and empowering individuals, groups, and communities within the region. The research is guided by the three As contained in the title: Avvicinare, Abilitare, Agire (Approach, Enable, Act).

The book presentation, scheduled as part of the 4th Regional Forum for Sustainable Development, offers an opportunity for debate and dialogue on the topics discussed, and will be attended by the curators of the volume and experts involved in the project. The event can be followed live and the recording can be viewed on the social media channels of the Agenzia Nazionale Efficienza Energetica ENEA and Italia in Classe A.

The event flyer is attached.