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Dignity, Autonomy, and Care

Service Design for Older Adults

December 11, 2023, 6:00 - 8:00 pm, Polifactory, B3 Building, Bovisa Campus, Milan

Polifactory presents an open lecture by Miso Kim, visiting professor and associate professor of Experience Design in the Department of Art + Design at Northeastern University.

Miso will present her study on dignity as a design principle, featuring service design projects for older adults. During her talk at Open Polifactory, she will specifically focus on autonomy and care as key dimensions of dignity.

The lecture is part of Open Polifactory, an annual program of presentations, events, and debates that addresses complex issues in contemporary design research in order to build a discussion that is as informative and open as possible.
The second edition of Open Polifactory, CARE(ful) Design, explores the many nuances of care in design and its potential for a systemic and large-scale change from a more-than-human perspective. What does it mean to design for care and with care? How might we think of designing with care as an ongoing political activity that questions traditional power structures and engagement methods? We will reflect on the role of the designer in these fields, exploring diverse dimensions and contexts of care, from mainstream social systems to the experiences of those at the margins.

The event is free and in English; registration on Eventbrite is required to attend.