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CityMatters: Time

Immersive Urbanism: time, place, and presence

January 18, from 4:30 to 6 pm, Iris Ceramica Group Showroom, via Santa Margherita, 4, Milan

The students and the faculty of the Master's degree in Interior and Spatial Design of the School of Design are pleased to invite you to the exhibition of the results of the “CityMatters: Time | Immersrive Urbanism: time, place, and presence” design studio 2024.

The studio explores and articulates time and time-based design as the principle focus of research and design work developed to create a more sustainable, progressive, open, and experiential Milano. This work is the result of ten groups with five students in each group from Italy and the rest of the world working together over a period of two months in the Contest Studio lab led by Professors Peter Arthur Di Sabatino, Monica Mazzolani and Frank Clementi.