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Algorithmic you

An Infopoetry exhibition

From January 23 to February 23, 2024, B2 Building, undergound floor, Bovisa Campus, Via Durando 10, Milan

On January 23rd at 6.00 p.m, the Infopoetry exhibition "Algorithmic you" will be inaugurated.

Infopoetry is a data visualization presented in poetic and artistic ways, born as an educational experiment within the Final Synthesis DensityDesign Lab of the Communication Design Master's Degree.

The exhibition aims to explore the intersection between the languages of design and visual arts. Designers are specifically tasked with not only making data visible but also with making it "felt", expressing their subjectivity and viewpoint on the world.

The "Algorithmic you" project emerges from the relationship with digital platforms and the algorithms that govern them, illustrating how it is possible to retrieve and reinterpret the digital traces that individuals "sows" on the internet.

The visualization serves as a reflection on one's "digital life", an inventive act to reclaim the data recorded, captured, and utilized by various devices for their own purposes.

The exhibition will be open for visitation until February 23rd.

Michele Mauri
Ángeles Briones
Gabriele Colombo
Simone Vantini
Salvatore Zingale

Teaching Assistant:
Elena Aversa
Arianna Bellantuono
Andrea Benedetti
Luca Draisci
Alessandra Facchin
Beatrice Gobbo

Exhibition design:

Bingru He
Fatemeh Maher
Beini Mo
Yuhan Zhu
Shengnam Zhou

Graphic Design:

Bianca Bauer
Carla D’Antonio
Riccardo Ventura