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A new step ahead on the topic of Virtual Worlds for Europe

January 23, 2024

During the Consortium meeting of the Horizon Europe project OPENVERSE, OPEN and co-created ViRtual worldS for Europe, Anne Bajart, Deputy Head of Unit of DG CONNECT, introduced the document showing the EU initiatives on Web 4.0 and virtual worlds: a head start in the next technological transition that sets out the strategy and proposed actions on virtual worlds and Web 4.0, building on consultations with people, academia, civil society and businesses.

Through its activities, the OPENVERSE project will contribute to the vision presented in the document outlining the direction the European Commission has identified for a ground-breaking technological transition towards a world where everything will be seamlessly interconnected.

The Department of Design collaborates as a partner with OPENVERSE, a pioneering project at the forefront of Europe's exploration into virtual worlds that envisions an integration of ethical principles with digital evolution. OPENVERSE aspires to bolster the European Union's global tech prominence, with dedicated focus on openness, ensuring an inclusive and transparent virtual environment that promotes human-centric interoperability. In alignment with the EU commitment to sustainability and ethical responsibility, OPENVERSE is actively shaping a digital future that celebrates innovation, fosters creativity, and cultivates societal harmony.