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What is Generative Music for?

DDC meets Tero Parviainen

January 31, 2024, 5:30 pm, room B2.1.11, Bovisa Campus, Via Candiani 72, Milan

The Course of Communication Design, in collaboration with the design studio dotdotdot, presents a lecture by Tero Parviainen, software developer, music hacker and co-founder of Counterpart, a leading company in the field of experience and audiovisual design.

What is Generative Music for? proposes a reflection on the role of generative music in reshaping the understanding and interaction with music itself, both as an individual experience and as a shared, interactive journey.

The seminar will be introduced by Francesco E. Guida and Alessandro Masserdotti, professors of the Final Synthesis Design Studio, section C1.

From Brian Eno's early concepts to contemporary applications of artificial intelligence, the talk will explore how generative music relates to the essence and purpose of music in life, discussing how it fits into different contexts, from background music in public spaces to personal and emotional connections with sound.

This will be followed by an analysis of the changing role of the artist in an era driven by artificial intelligence, considering the ethical issues surrounding the use of large musical datasets and the collective intelligence they represent.

The meeting can also be followed remotely by connecting to the virtual classroom.