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Cilab is a research lab in Design Department of Politecnico di Milano: it’s a network of professors, researchers and professionals that “travel” in design and creative industries galaxies, in order to provide added values for industries through design driven innovation approach as a leverage to grow. Which industries? First of all the Creative and Cultural Industries, but not only. In fact, the design driven innovation represents a successful model for the SMEs in all sectors.


Through “design” as a method and cultural approach to improve the quality of life of human being. A research lab with a design approach: research to know, test to learn, take action to train starting from the real needs of people. Cilab is a design lab in which thinking and actions converge dynamically for fostering scientific knowledge about strategic design.


Creativity and culture as:

  • leverage for emancipation of human being and society
  • leverage for social, economic and environmental innovation for private, public and third sector.

An “Italian way” design driven innovation
Design as a method and cultural approach for orientating innovation towards improving the quality of life of human being, society and environment.


To provide, to develop and to test methodologies and tools for transforming the Visions
and Creativity into Projects. This transformation path could be the vehicle to reach
social and economic innovation.


The value of interdisciplinarity is in the soul/DNA of Cilab, which creates the processes of continuous influence between methodologies, skills and experiences:

  • cultura del progetto human being as research focus (to retrieve Leonardo Da Vinci’s approach)
  • design thinking to see and to interpret the reality from the perspective of its own evolution process
  • strategic design to design with an integrated approach
  • design management to manage all the various resources and skills with effectiveness and efficiency