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Erin Claire Mcauliffe

Erin is PhD student in Design (36th cycle). Her research investigates the potential of ‘design for policy entrepreneurship’, connecting design for policy and design activism with policy entrepreneurship. Her research uses a mixed methods approach to investigate and articulate the potential of ‘design for policy entrepreneurship’ / ‘policy entrepreneurship by design’, and how people doing policy entrepreneurship might activate it.

As part of the Design Policy Lab, she worked on The Collaborative Kitchen project, presenting the project findings at the International Research Society on Public Management in 2022.

Prior to her doctoral studies, Erin worked as a civil servant and as a design consultant for the governments of Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, for humanitarian organisations and for a European funded climate program. Erin holds a Master of Design from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, a Graduate Diploma in Public Administration from Flinders University, and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Southern Queensland.

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