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Alle radici del Design Espanso. Quali futuri per la storia del design?

VI AIS/Design International Conference 2023

November 24-25, 2023, Bovisa Durando Campus

On 24 and 25 November 2023, the sixth edition of AIS/Design, the International Conference of the Italian Association of Design Historians, will take place, entitled “Alle radici del Design Espanso. Quali futuri per la storia del design?", curated by Giampiero Bosoni, Marinella Ferrara, Francesco Ermanno Guida, Chiara Lecce in collaboration with Letizia Bollini (Libera Università di Bolzano).

The conference will deal with the future of historical studies and the teaching of design history in relation to contemporary phenomena and will be divided into the two tracks "Storie del Design Espanso" and "La didattica della storia del design tra passato, presente e futuro".

Saturday 25 November will see the special track "Il contributo di Vanni Pasca alla Storia e alla Storiografia del Design" in which the three winning thesis of the inaugural edition of the prize named after Vanni Pasca, the Association's first president who passed away in October 2021, will also be presented.

The keynote speakers will be Paola Antonelli, Emanuele Quinz and Raimonda Riccini.

To take part in the conference, please register and proceed with the payment of the membership fee through the following form. Members of the AIS/Design Association can participate free of charge by registering here.

For further information, please contact or consult the AIS/Design website.