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Designing Community-driven Energy Solutions

January 25 to February 2, 2024, Fondazione AEM Piazza Po, 3, Milan

Free entry upon reservation. From Monday to Thursday from 9am to 5:30pm. Friday from 9am to 1pm.

For information and reservations send an email to:

Opening Conference: January 25, 6pm.

Fondazione AEM is hosting "POWER FOR? Designing Community-driven Energy Solutions", an exhibition organised by the students of the Master's degree course in Product Service System Design at the School of Design, Politecnico di Milano.

The course Innovation Studio continues the work done in the previous years by proposing the topic "UNCERTAIN TIMES" exploring how, from a critical understanding of the present, we can conceive product-service system solutions that can shape the future with a precise focus on inclusion and energy communities.

In an era dominated by the urgent need for sustainable solutions, each project interprets the meaning and practices of electricity consumption. Underpinned by a commitment to addressing the challenges posed by climate change, these projects pave the way for a more sustainable and equitable future. The exhibition is an inspiring journey in which projects explore different perspectives and innovative approaches towards a world where energy is used for the benefit of all.

The concept of empowerment extends beyond the field of energy: its essence lies within communities. While power can indeed manifest itself in the form of energy, its true meaning is found in collective strength, resilience and shared efforts and encompasses the ability of individuals, and the communities of which they are a part, to bring about positive change, fostering collaboration and building sustainable progress. In this broader context, the concepts of empowerment and 'power for' become a force that not only energises communities, but also amplifies their capacity for growth and self-determination.

The exhibition will invite the public to reflect on two different aspects:

Valentina Auricchio
Stefana Broadbent
Marta Corubolo
Fabio Di Liberto
Ilkka Suppanen

Beatriz Bonilla Berrocal
Chenfan Zhang

Alessandra Coppola
Alissa Sara Zaouali
Büşra Yeliz Karaoğlu Balcı
Camilla Cristante
Elena Buccelli
Federica Francesca Pancari
Sara Faustini
Zhenqi Xu

Aashka Malay Dhebar, Zahra Mazrouei, Marco Gugliuzza, Chiara Laudonia, Letizia Perico, Ruth Habtamu Asfaw, Chiara Colombo, Nicolò Vespin, Elizaveta Pustovit, Daniele Landi, Bich Ngoc Phung, Maryam Roozbehi, Giulia Badocchi, Sara Faustini, Ada Hatipoğlu, Xiliang Liu, Caterina Polese, Jin Deng, Görkem Er, Selene Garresio, Marcello Mariotti, Yaru Bao, Marzieh Khoramabadi, Kyeongmin Han, Sandra Quintana, Nandini Mehta, Eleonora Gasparino, Yaxin Ran, Chiara Mazzeo, Federica Francesca Pancari, Zhelin Yan, Tryggestad Ingrid, Camilla Cristante, Cecilia Pizzagalli, Camilla Porrini, Yuanlong Chi, Sana Farooq Khan, Nastaran Kalvandi, Daniela Estefania Achury Rincon, Kimia Chavoshi, Yexin Jin, Alessandra Coppola, Chiara Corti, Nanxi Suofeiya, Büşra Yeliz Karaoğlu Balcı, Zihan Li, Silvia Emuli, Emilia Galli, Gaia Beatrice Cinquepalmi, Laura Margarida Faria Vieira, Zhenqi Xu, Chiara Lualdi, Tomás Cayetano Barros, Lorenzo Mangili, Marta Grauso, Yang Cen, Julienne Alexis L. Joven, Kangling Qin, Giovanni Malausa, Schümmer Benthe, Luisa Valentina Arosa Cely, Junyan Lu, Kezia Jane Rivan, Elisa Pinizzotto, Erika Vuthoj, Catarina Caldeira Chanca Landim, Maria Camila Diaz Martinez, Sirui Lu, Paola Rapino, Bianca Selvatici, Raes Valenrijn, Miriam Cianci, David Martinez Gordillo, Zebin Yin, Emanuela Ruggeri, Alissa Sara Zaouali, Tita-Konstantina Nikolopoulou, Chiara Mele, Ayano Osawa, Francesco Tomio, Ganjar Satrio, Xinyi Zhu, Elena Buccelli, Andrea Di Lenardo, Naz Derin Şahin, Yaren Şevval Yılmaz, Linwei Yu.

Special thanks to:
Laboratorio Allestimenti “Paolo Padova”
Laboratorio Immagine